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Gifts for Drummers

Looking for cool ideas for gifts you can get your drummer?
Find these and hundreds more at

Drummer T-shirts

Unique Drummer T-shirts! Drum Bum features hundreds of drummer T-shirts as well as T-shirts for other musicians too! (guitar, bass, piano violin, etc.)

Drummer Accessories and Gifts

Awesome Drummer Accessories
From tuners to lights to unique and hard-to-find stuff like twirling drumsticks, Drum Bum has some of the coolest accessories for drummers on the market.

Personalized Drumsticks

Custom Drumsticks with their Name
There's no greater gift than one with their name on it. This is a popular item.
Quality engraved, not imprinted.

Drum Sling Bag

Drum Bum Sling Bag
Pack your sticks, sheet music, tuning keys, metronome
and more in this trendy new, lightweight drummer's bag.

Keep Calm Drum T-shirt

Keep Calm and Drum On T-shirt
Keep calm shirts have been the trend and we don't disappoint. You can't go wrong with this popular design. We have a "Keep Calm" for guitar players T-shirt too!

Drummer Mugs

World's Greatest Drummer Mug
This is a great idea for a gift. It features 'them' as the best player. Watch them smile when they open this and show their now favorite mug to everyone around them.

Drummer Signs

Drummer Street Sign
Drum bum features several drummer signs like this Drummer St. design as well as a Drummer Parking sign and even some drumset signs that can be personalized. We have numerous drum and percussion posters as well.

Drummer Fan

Clip On Drummer Fan
Perhaps the greatest gift a drummer could receive. Hey, we get hot up there and a small, practical fan is just the thing to clip on our stand and keep us cool. We'll now be cool in more ways than one with our now #1 fan. This is a great for any musician, not just drummers.

Animal Drummer T-shirt

Animal Drummer T-shirt
Our best selling T-shirt (next to our Drum Bum logo T-shirt). Animal stands in a world of his own. He's a legend and every drummer aspires to play like him!

Drummer Socks

Drum Bum Socks
Let the world know you're a drum bum, with drum bum socks!
A one-of-a-kind product for your one-of-a-kind drummer.

Drum Stickers

Drummer Stickers
They can put them on cases, notebooks, on their car or anywhere!
You can't go wrong with drum stickers and they're affordable!

The best gifts for drummers are at

Since 1999, has been the leader in drummer specialty gifts and unique accessories. With over 2000 items to choose from, you'll find everything from signs to jewelry to exciting drum clothing. If that's not all, they also specialize in music gifts for all musicians. Whether you need Birthday Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Wedding Gifts or maybe just something to say "Thank you" and show you appreciation for them, we've got you covered. Drum Bum has the best music gifts for not only drummers but all musicians. While you're there, check out the guitar items, the piano stuff and the hundreds of unique gifts for all band members.


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What kinds of gifts could you give? T-shirts, hats, stickers and keychains. Or you could buy them a set of personalized drumsticks with their name on them. Custom sticks are also always a great choice! They can throw them out to the crowd or put a nice, engraved pair in a display box for their practice room or studio. For thousands of gifts for drummers, visit

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